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 Jane Pesci-Townsend Memorial

2011 Cardinal Medal of Fortitude Awarded to Jane Pesci-Townsend

Former musical theatre faculty member Jane Pesci-Townsend was honored by CUA with the Cardinal Medal of Fortitude. The award is given to those "responding to adversity with a joyful spirit, exhibiting constancy in the pursuit of good, standing firm in difficulty, and exemplifying quiet strength." She was one of nine recipients of the 2011 award. Medals were presented in a ceremony on April 13, 2011.


On August 6, 2010, musical theatre chair Jane Pesci-Townsend passed away. The CUA community was greatly diminished by her loss, but carries on in her spirit. Jane was a fiercely devoted teacher, performer, and friend, and we are all honored by the time we shared with her.

Contributions can be made at this time in Jane's name to benefit the students to whom she devoted much of her luminous career. Today, you can make a donation in Jane's memory to benefit musical theatre productions at the School of Music, continuing the positive influence Jane had in the formation and education of students at the Catholic University of America.

On March 21, 2011, the School of Music held a musical tribute to Jane's life and work. See the performance.

CUA alumni and friends performed together in Jane's Tribute.