The Catholic University of America

London Dramatic Academy Program

One of the most exciting features of our program is a semester abroad in London, studying theatre at the London Dramatic Academy through Fordham University. Students enroll in 16 credits of courses on British Theatre, Movement and Stage Combat, vocal technique for the actor, and theatre history. This semester allows students to focus exclusively on their acting skills, and gives them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in the dynamic city of London.

The Musical Theatre student who, before the beginning of his/her Junior year, has (1) maintained  at least a 3.000 cumulative GPA,  (2) completed  Harmony I-IV and ET/SS I-IV, and (3) registered for and completed one of the two required internships may elect to spend a spring semester abroad in the junior year to study theater in London.  No music courses are offered in this study abroad program.

For more information on policies and procedures for the London program, please consult the Student Handbook. Also visit the CUAbroad webpage for the London Dramatic Academy program.

What Our Students Think...

The London Dramatic Academy offers conservatory style training. This means that for eight to ten hours a day students are fully immersed in some form of acting training, most of which is spent on their feet. Students are given extraordinary Shakespeare training by professionals who have worked at The Globe and The Royal Shakespeare Company, introducing them to a very valuable niche in the theatre community. On top of this, students are exposed to unmatched support from a top of the line faculty and are nurtured in a way that strengthens confidence. 


The gates of opportunity swing open upon returning home. Personally, in the year after graduating from LDA, I performed in three plays and a musical, apprenticed for The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and assisted with their production on the Boston Common, and gained EMC status. As I work professionally, I continue to reap the benefits of having attended school at LDA. I frequently receive comments about the strength of my Shakespeare training. Additionally, I have met countless non-CUA alumni who have attended the program and share in its philosophies. 


For countless other reasons I can't fit in this blurb, I highly recommend studying abroad at LDA.

—Micaela Mannix, Class of 2016


Studying abroad in London changed me for the better as a person and a performer. The classical acting training is unparalleled and the reputation and skill of the professors at LDA allowed for me to grow as an artist and learn from a new perspective that I came home and then applied to my work here at CUA. The experience of living abroad, being able to see new theatre and explore Europe taught me so much about myself and the kind of artist I want to be.  Attending LDA helped me secure my apprenticeship with Shakespeare Theatre Company! Given the opportunity, every MT should go to Londonit changes you as a performer for the better and opens up your horizons in the arts and beyond.
—Madalaina D’Angelo, Class of 2017




My training at LDA was an essential supplement to the degree I received from CUA and I consider my time spent in London one of the most positively transformative and enriching experiences of my life. I came away from the program with national and international connections in both my professors and fellow young actors; I completed my program in spring 2015 and I am still receiving letters of recommendation and advice from instructors who became mentors and I also recently finished collaborating with fellow graduates of LDA (from universities other than CUA) on a play we produced through a festival in New York City this fall. The head of LDA, Kathy Pogson, once warned my cohort that “the theatre is a vampire,” but she and the other teachers who keep LDA ticking instilled a hunger in all of us to always continue to keep searching for ways to learn, play, grow, and better ourselves as actors and artists. A student will get as much out of their training at LDA as they’re willing to put in, but the company surrounding them will encourage them to put in nothing less than their best.

—Catherine Purcell, Class of 2016